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Dubai (Fassino Real Estate)

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the Persian Gulf. Its emirate's main city, sometimes called "Dubai City" to distinguish it from the emirate.

Dubai is the most populous and second largest emirate of the UAE after Abu Dhabi. Dubai is distinct from other members of the UAE in that revenues from oil account for only 6% of its gross domestic product. A majority of the emirate's revenues are from tourism.

Dubai enjoys an arid subtropical climate, with blue skies and sunshine all year round. The hottest months are between June and September, when temperatures can soar to 113°F (45°C) and more during the day and humidity levels are very high. Even the sea temperature touches on 104°F (40°C) during the summer months, and swimming pools at hotels are usually cooled to be refreshing. Temperatures are only slightly more moderate the rest of the year, the coolest time being between December and March. There is very little rainfall in Dubai, but when showers do fall it is mainly in the cooler months.


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Real estate development in Dubai

Dubai was the first emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to get involved in freehold real estate, at a time when UAE and GCC nationals were only permitted to own property in the United Arab Emirates. Buying real estate in the Emirates is slowly changing and becoming more available to expats.

The government's decision to diversify the economy, to focus more on services and tourism, has helped increase the value of property, which in the years between 2004 and 2006 has experienced a real boom. The buildings on a large scale have made Dubai one of the largest urban development in the world, like the Chinese metropolis.

The area of the old city of Dubai, called Bastakia, is valued today with the holding of cultural and historical interest. The Museum of Dubai, on the edge of Bastakia and installed in the old fortress, photographing the story of Bedouin tribes and the old economy based on trade and pearl fishing. Bastakia located on the banks of the Creek, the river that crosses and divides the city from the district of Deira, now known more for businesses and for historical value. A Deira, in fact, stands the Gold suck, or the famous market

The absence of tax favors trade with prices lower than those of other states, even more emphasized when compared with those in Europe, it is not hard to find jewels of European production at prices from 20 to 40% lower. But the real development takes place in Dubai from 1992 onwards, where there is the real modern city. The need to develop trade and, in parallel, tourism has led to the creation of unique structures, both the architectural aspects that size.

In 2006, in Dubai are about 23% of all the world's construction cranes and skyscrapers rise to dozens throughout the city. The city itself is no longer clear cut, because the desert areas are now under construction. The development, involving both the main economic activities. On the one hand, business and residential stretch toward the desert. Are being cotruzione the International City, the silicon City, the Sports City and Dubailand, which is expected to become the largest amusement park in the world.

The tourism is concentrated on the coast, where the creation of palme brings up the tourism of the United Arab Emirates (UAE-United Arab Emirates). By the year 2015 will be made the three palm trees, or the artificially created peninsula in the Persian Gulf and whose form recalls that tree views.

Besides the palm trees is under construction so-called "World", consisting of three hundred islands that, if viewed from the plane or satellite, call our planet, with its continents. Each island will be sold individually whose price ranges between 1 and 15 million dollars. The area perhaps most beautiful tourist point of view is to Jumeirah, where the hotel chain owned by Al Maktum family has created four of the most beautiful hotels, including the famous Burj al-Arab (Arab Tower), which has become the icon of Dubai in the world.

Today, the UAE and Dubai in particular are known worldwide for the development of some futuristic projects: The Palm Islands (three at present), Dubai International City, Burj Dubai, the skyscraper more 'top of the world, The World, building 300 artificial islands that replicate the five continents, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Islands, Hydropolis Hotel, the first underwater hotel, Madinat JumeirMall of the Eirates, which has within it a real ski slope.

Why invest in Dubai

- It is the fastest city in developing in the world. The state growht in the last five years has been about 8.5%

-Dubai will be an important tourist and business centre. It has already the highest world state of hotel occupation(85%), surpassing New York,
  and the biggest concetration of 5 stars hotel.

-The geographic position let this country have a privileged role in the trade between europe and asia, a market with more than 1,5 billion of    people. The area is an oasi of political stability and wellness and a one of the safest place in the world.

-The economic System is liberal . Since 2004 has been born in Dubai 174.000 new agencies. In Dubai there are the first 100 world quoted    societies.
-The bureaucracy is very little( for instance there are necessary only two days for building a society.

-There is no taxation on the enterprise and the personal incomes.

-Finest quality services.

-Disoccupation level less than 2%.

-In the next 10 years is previewed a population increase, from actual 1,5 million to more than 8 million of people.

-It is being building the biggest airport in the world thah will have 150.000 million of passengers in 2010. Dubai is one of the safest city in the  world. The state crime is about 0.2%.

-The judical system is one of the best ever.

-The economic system is liberal.

-There are no restrictions put on the capital invested outside the country

-The infrastructure is based on the best technology possible.

-The local currency has a fixed exchange rate with the dollar, then the current weakness of the dollar makes it attractive any investment in    area dollar.
-The petrol costs 0.30 euro cent for one litre.

 -E 'recently allowed foreigners to buy house in Dubai (2002) and only in certain areas. Ed and 'very little from (September 2006) that began  records of those who bought the house in a special register real estate, which did not exist before. There are already many foreigners and  between .Note that these names have already bought property in Dubai.

Dubai attractions
Palm Jumeirah
The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is actually the biggest artificial island in the world. If you wtch it from the sky the Palm Jumeirah has a palm shape (from here the name Palm) made of a central trunk and 17 branches, and all around it a series of islands that make a round crown.

Actually it is almost finished and you can already see it from the satellite photos. The faraonic hotels and the tourist equipement will be finished by the end of 2008.

The Palm Jumeitah is being building by the Nakheel, an entreprise that has built other two artificial islands named Palm Deira and Palm Jebel Ali and more over the incredible Dubai Waterworld. Try just thinking that  at the end the lenght of the coasts of  Dubai will increase of  520 km.
The island has been built completly with natural materials ; 94 millions of cube metres of sand and 7 million tons of rock.
Palm Jebel Ali
The Palm Jebel Ali began construction in October 2002 and is expected to be completed in mid 2008. The Palm Jebel Ali is expected to accommodate 1.7 million people by 2020.Once it has been completed, it will be encircled by Dubai Waterfront.
The Palm Jebel Ali is the second of three artificial islands being developed off the coast of Dubai by Nakheel. When complete it will be home to more than a quarter of a million people.
The Palm Jebel Ali offers a stunning shoreline entrance of world class golf courses and luxury desert resort to a graceful bridge connecting the mainland to the island.
Palm Deira
The Palm Islands are the three man-made islands in the world. These Palm Islands are built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. These Islands make Dubai a tourist destination. The Palm islands are considered as the Eighth Wonder of the World.
The Palm Deira is the largest man-made island of the three Palm Islands. It is located on the Deira coastal area of Dubai. It consists of a trunk, a crown with 41 fronds and a surrounding crescent island that will form a water breaker.
The Palm Deira was announced for development in October 2004. Upon completion, it will become the world's largest man-made island, housing more than a million people.[2] Although no timetable for completion has been announced, it is expected to be finished by 2015. This island is 8 times larger than the Palm Jumeirah, and 5 times larger that the Palm Jebel Ali. Originally, the design called for a 14km (8.7 mile) by 8.5km (5.3 mile) island with 41 fronds.
The World

The World is a man-made archipelago of 300 islands constructed in the shape of a world map and located 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The World is one of several artificial island projects being constructed in Dubai, others being the Palm Islands. Like the other artificial island projects, The World is built primarily using sand dredged from the sea. It was developed by Nakheel Properties and was originally conceived by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai.

Each island in the archipelago ranges from about 14,000 m² (150,000 square feet) to 42,000 m² (450,000 square feet). The distance between each island will be an average of 100 metres (328 feet). The entire development covers an area of 9 km in length and 6 km in width, surrounded by an oval breakwater. Roughly 232 km (144 miles) of shoreline has been created. The overall development cost of The World was estimated as 14 billion USD. As for the individual islands, prices range between 15 and 50 million USD. One island is still for sale at a price of 250 million USD.

Dubai Waterfront
Dubai Waterfront is an 81 million square metre waterfront development comprising of 250 master planned communities and is bigger than Manhattan and Beirut.  A balanced mix of residential, retail, commercial and industrial developments spread over 20,000 acres of prime beachfront land, Dubai Waterfront is the largest waterfront development in the world and will provide homes for more than 500,000 residents.

Waterfront will add more than 70 kilometres to Dubai's coastline. [3] It will encompass an area of 1.4 billion square feet of water and land developments, an area twice the size of Hong Kong. It is expected to house an estimated population of 1.5 million people.

The Dubai Waterfront is projected to become the world’s biggest waterfront and the biggest man-made development/expansion in the world. The project is a collection of man-made islands and canals. It is an 81 million meters of great development. It consists of many zones which include residential, commercial, resort, and recreational areas. The ultimate vision of The Dubai Waterfront.
Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina  is a district in the heart of what has recently become known as 'new Dubai', in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Marina is located on Interchange 5 between Jebel Ali, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and the American University. In addition to Dubai Marina soon one of the largest apartment and holiday resort will be built in Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach Residence, with 36 luxury residential apartment towers and 4 hotel towers. Dubai Marina will be nearly 4 kilometers long, with yachting ports and numerous restaurants and cafes along the side of the artificial lake. The first phase of this project has been completed.

The Marina will contain over 200 towers and some supertall skyscrapers like the Dubai Marina Towers, The Torch Dubai Marina, Infinity Tower, Number One Dubai Marina, Marina Terrace, Horizon Tower, and comprise of an area of 4.9 million m² (50 million ft²), which includes the 40 residential and hotel towers of the Jumeirah Beach Residence. When completed, it will be the world's largest man-made marina.

This man-made marina is strategically located near Interchange 5 on Sheikh Zayed Road close to Dubai's well-known landmarks like the Dubai Internet City, The American University of Dubai and the Emirates Golf Club.
Dubai Sport City

Dubai Sports City, the World's first purpose-built sports city fuses state-of-the-art sporting venues and academies alongside residential and commercial developments.

Dubai Sports City is under construction and is expected to complete by late 2007. Dubai Sports City is inspired by the greatest cities in the world with over 500 million square feet of sporting venues, academies, exceptional hones, cultural activities and retail opportunities. Development will be located along the Emirates Road next to the Dubai Autodrome (MotorCity).
Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai, the world's tallest man-made structure is scheduled to be completed in 2009. The tower's dramatic rise above the Gulf horizon will yet again remind the world of Dubai's growing financial muscle and allow the buyers and holidaymakers to stay and carry on with their exciting lives in amazing fashions. The gigantic tower is located at the core of an integrated township called, Downtown Burj Dubai, which features several more developments apart from
the main tower.
Burj al Arab

The Burj-Al-Arab is a luxury hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At 321 meters (1,053 feet), it is the tallest building used exclusively as a hotel and one of the most distinctive structures for a hotel building in the world. It stands in the sea on an artificial island 280 meters (919 feet) away from the beach in the Persian Gulf, connected to the mainland only by a curving path. The path is extremely curving, with most corners being almost 90 degrees.

The Burj-Al-Arab features the tallest atrium lobby in the world (180 meters, or 590 feet), and the volume of the atrium can accommodate the Dubai World Trade Center building, which, at 38 stories, was the tallest building in Dubai from the late 1970s to the late 1990s.

Fassino Real Estate: your real estate Broker in Dubai

Dubai Hotel
Admiral Plaza Hotel   
PO Box: 26888  Tel: 3935333 Fax: 3935111
Bur Dubai, in Al Nahda Street.

Al Jawhara Gardens   
PO Box: 121711  Tel: 2107777 Fax: 2107711
Deira, between the Airport Street and Deira City Centre, around 15 mins drive to Dubai Airport.
Al Khaleej Palace Hotel   
PO Box: 3720  Tel: 2231000 Fax: 2211293
Deira, in Al Maktoum Street and next to Itisalat Building.

Al Manzil Hotel   
PO Box: 114822  Tel: 4285888 Fax: 4285999
Sheikh Zayed Road, minutes away from Burj Dubai,close to the Old Town Island and Burj Dubai Lake Park.

Angsana Hotel & Suites Dubai   
PO Box: 116957  Tel: 3230000 Fax: 3230003
Sheikh Zayed Road
Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa   
PO Box: 46500  Tel: 3519111 Fax: 3517744
Bur Dubai at Al Fahidi Street just oppt.Dubai Museum.

Ascot Hotel   
PO Box: 52555  Tel: 3520900 Fax: 3021035
Bur Dubai, Khalid Ibn Al Waleed Street.

Avari Dubai Hotel   
PO Box: 50400  Tel: 2956666 Fax: 2959659
Deira, Al Rigga Rd, next to clock tower.

Capitol Hotel Dubai   
PO Box: 33228  Tel: 3460111 Fax: 3460333
Bur Dubai, Al Mina Road, Al Satwa area.

Carlton Tower Hotel   
PO Box: 1955  Tel: 2227111 Fax: 2220224
Deira, BaniYas Street, overlooking the Dubai Creek.

Al Bustan Rotana Hotel   
PO Box: 30880  Tel: 2820000 Fax: 2828100
Deira, opp. the Dubai International Airport, Cargo Village.

Al Murooj Rotana Hotel   
PO Box: 117546  Tel: 3211111 Fax: 3215555
Bur Dubai, Al Safa Street, adjacent to the Dubai Financial City and Burj Dubai.

Al Qasr Hotel    
PO Box: 75157  Tel: 3668888 Fax: 3667788
Bur Dubai, Al Sufouh Road, adjacent to the Jumeirah Beach Rd and Burj Al Arab Hotel, around 30 mins drive to Dubai Airport.

Atlantis the Palm Jumeirah   
PO Box: 888  Tel: 4261000 Fax: 3664070
The Palm Jumeirah
City Centre Hotel & Residence   
PO Box: 61871  Tel: 2941222 Fax: 2954444
Deira, adjacent to Deira City Center Shopping Mall.

Crowne Plaza Dubai   
PO Box: 23215  Tel: 3311111 Fax: 3315555
Bur Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road
Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City    
PO Box: 7189  Tel: 7012222 Fax: 7011230
Deira, Dubai Festival City
Dar Al Masyaf Hotel   
PO Box: 75157  Tel: 3668888 Fax: 3667788
Bur Dubai, Al Sufouh Rd, adjacent to Jumeirah Beach Road and Burj Al Arab, around 30 mins drive to Dubai Airport.

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa   
PO Box: 5182  Tel: 3461111 Fax: 3460234
Bur Dubai, facing the Jumeirah Mosque.

Dusit Thani Dubai   
PO Box: 133  Tel: 3433333 Fax: 3433422
Bur Dubai, in Sheikh Zayed Road and close to DWTC.

Fairmont Hotel   
PO Box: 97555  Tel: 3325555 Fax: 3324555
Bur Dubai, along Sheikh Zayed Road, directly oppt. the World Trade Centre.

Grand Hyatt Dubai    
PO Box: 7978  Tel: 3171234 Fax: 3171235
Bur Dubai, in Oud Maitha next to Wafi Shopping Mall.

Grand Millennium Dubai    
PO Box: 212422   Tel: 4299999 Fax: 3747777
Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha South - TECOM
Grosvenor House Dubai   
PO Box: 118500  Tel: 3998888 Fax: 3994888
Beach hotel, located at the newly built Dubai Marina, next to the Jumeirah Beach.

Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa   
PO Box: 24454  Tel: 3995000 Fax: 3994547
Located on right of Jumeirah Beach, adjacent to Dubai Marina.

Hilton Dubai Creek   
PO Box: 33398  Tel: 2271111 Fax: 2271131
Deira, close to City Centre Shopping Mall. Baniyas Road

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort   
PO Box: 2431  Tel: 3991111 Fax: 3991112
Bur Dubai, in Jumeirah Beach Road.

Hyatt Regency Dubai   
PO Box: 5588  Tel: 2091234 Fax: 2091000
Deira, close to Fish Market and Gold Souk, around15 mins drive from Dubai Airport.

InterContintental Dubai Festival City   
PO Box: 45777  Tel: 7011111 Fax: 2329095
Deira, Dubai Festival City
Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa    
PO Box: 9255  Tel: 8836000 Fax: 8834391
Bur Dubai, in Jebel Ali area, situated on the beach, around 45 minutes drive to Dubai Airport.

Taj Palace Hotel Dubai  
PO Box: 42211  Tel: 2232222 Fax: 2278222
Deira, between Al Rigga and Al Maktoum Streets.

The Address Down Town Burj Dubai   
PO Box: 123234  Tel: 4368888 Fax: 4368880
Sheikh Zayed Road
The Monarch Hotel   
PO Box: 125511  Tel: 5018888 Fax: 5018859
Bur Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road
The Montgomerie Hotel   
PO Box: 36700  Tel: 3905600 Fax: 3608981
Sheikh Zayed Road, in Emirates Hill interchange 5th.
The Palace Hotel - The Old Town   
PO Box: 9770  Tel: 4287888 Fax: 4287999
Shk. Zayed Road, The Old Town Island
The Ritz-Carlton Dubai Hotel   
PO Box: 26525  Tel: 3994000 Fax: 3994001
Bur Dubai, Dubai Marina on Al Sofouh Road.
The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi   
PO Box: 24883  Tel: 3994141 Fax: 5117422
Bur Dubai, Jumeirah Beach\dubaiminaseyahi

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