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Alba has existed for millennia for the initiative, the imagination of its people, and the red towers testify even medieval Alba is proud of freedom and municipal statutes. Alba and the city, countryside, Langhe and Roero, different realities that form a particular and unique. Truffles and wine will exalt the sublime cuisine that expresses magical feelings and exciting fragrances, have charm and calls for perennial and gourmet connoisseurs, and the good food and synonymous with joy and merriment.
As a capital Alba has its artists, its writers, for men includes illustrious emperors, experts in law and history, ministers, but also by large modern business insights, his past tells a story through images in the Civico Museo "Federico Eusebio. "

The autumn festival is the dell'albese, when the city is full of drapery and the colors of the Palio and polychrome shines in the hills, where the truffle smells intensely among oaks and limes, when bunches of sweets and become Nebbiolo grape in old and new wineries, Alba is great feast, the feast of choral people and tourists, is Nazionale del Tartufo Fair, showcase of industriousness and folklore from the Langhe and Roero.

Alba is all a succession of views and prospects for strong impression with medieval and baroque eighteenth digressions, the colors of an urban reconstruction in tone and reflexes take langaroli.

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