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Dubai marina villa
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 Dubai Marina 

Dubai Marina  is a district in the heart of what has recently become known as 'new Dubai', in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Marina is located on Interchange 5 between Jebel Ali, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and the American University. In addition to Dubai Marina soon one of the largest apartment and holiday resort will be built in Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach Residence, with 36 luxury residential apartment towers and 4 hotel towers. Dubai Marina will be nearly 4 kilometers long, with yachting ports and numerous restaurants and cafes along the side of the artificial lake. The first phase of this project has been completed.

The Marina will contain over 200 towers and some supertall skyscrapers like the Dubai Marina Towers, The Torch Dubai Marina, Infinity Tower, Number One Dubai Marina, Marina Terrace, Horizon Tower, and comprise of an area of 4.9 million m² (50 million ft²), which includes the 40 residential and hotel towers of the Jumeirah Beach Residence. When completed, it will be the world's largest man-made marina.

This man-made marina is strategically located near Interchange 5 on Sheikh Zayed Road close to Dubai's well-known landmarks like the Dubai Internet City, The American University of Dubai and the Emirates Golf Club.

Skyscraper in Dubai Marina

Dubai marina

Skyscraper “ Dorra Bay “ 

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Dubai marina

Skyscraper “ Emirates Crown “

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Dubai marina

Skyscraper “ MAG 218“

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Dubai marina

Skyscraper “ Marina Crown“

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Dubai marina

Skyscraper “ Marina Star“

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Dubai marina

Skyscraper “ Marina View“

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Dubai Marina 
 “ Time Place“

The dubai marina a prestigious position in front of the marina
time place tower including 35 floors,158 metres, with beautiful 180 degress views on the marina. 

Luxury finishes .Pool and gym. 

We sell finished apartments ready to be rented.

In order to see other information about Time Place:

- DUBAI MARINA, project: MARINA PROMENADE - Finished apartments in front of the marina

- Dubai Marina - Progetto: " Marina Promenade " 

Posizione ingrandisci

  • Swimming pool
  • Changing rooms
  • Gym
  • Games for children
  • Field of Squash
  • Library
  • Business center with Internet access
  • Private garden
  • Center of first aid
  • Porter 24h/24h
Dubai Marina, complex "Marina Promenade", a prestigious project of the famous construction company Emaar, which is composed of 6 towers all with a view of Marina and sea view. 

Location: marina front, before the new Yacht Club. 

Type of apartments: 1,2 and 3 bedrooms. 

The apartments are delivered equipped with kitchen cabinets and a wall. 

Excellent rental yield
Photos of the complex Pictures of view Dubai Marina by night



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- Infinity Tower - Dubai Marina -

- Infinity Tower - Dubai -

"Infinity Tower", a twisted tower of 75 floors signed by the architects of the study of Chicago Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, one of the first luxury residential neighborhoods to arise in the UAE. 

(Developer is cayan: http://www.cayan.net/) 

The form helical structure assumes that the movement in his climb in the city's skyline represents the distinctiveness of the tower, also called for this reason skyscraper "dancing". Raising the total to 330 meters high, the skyscraper gradually rotates 90 degrees, keeping the size of the plant. 

The movement tortuous that the designers of the study Som have imagined for the new skyscraper, destined to become the new landmark of Dubai Marina, will ensure all residents in an extraordinary scene, while protecting the view from the waterfront adjacent buildings. 

The Infinity Tower will host 456 apartments, a shopping mall covered street level, conference centers, waiting rooms, a center for children, a health center and an outdoor pool. 

The structure will be composed of strong and imposing columns in reinforced concrete cast in place that will advance gradually to level on every floor in order to obtain the characteristic movement twisted. 
The core of the skyscraper will be a cylindrical concrete structure that height along the entire building, will serve as a backbone. 

The completion of the work is expected in the second half of 2009. Recall that in the same year is the expected completion of construction of the Burj Dubai, another project that bears the signature of the study Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. It is building a 160-storey high more than 800 meters, which conquer the first place among the highest skyscrapers around the world.


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- KPM Katherine Price Mondadori - Dubai Marina -

- Katherine Price Mondadori - Dubai -

Mondadori Katheirna Price Tower is located in Dubai Mariona in a strategic area. 

Dubai Marina, as other districts recently built in Dubai, was literally created from nothing of the hand of man and was built by Emaar Properties, a real estate of the UAE. 

It is composed of a number of residential buildings, including several skyscrapers, which were completed in 2006, forming a new district able to host more than 120,000 inhabitants.

In this tower studios have a very attractive price.

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Damac Heights (at Dubai Marina)

Dubai Marina, in the unique position directly on the beach in front of the Palm Jumeirah (the artificial island shaped like palm considered the eighth wonder of the world) with sea views and Dubai, skyscraper  90-storey super luxury. Various types of apartment penthouse to the study. It will be one of the most luxurious buildingsin the world.

 Start: 2008

 Completion: 2011

   Some of the services provided within: 

      - Private cinema 

      - Gym 

      - Indoor pool 

      - Spa 

      - Security System 

      - Golf simulator 

      - Meeting room 

       - Etc.

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Ocean Heights (at Dubai Marina)

- Ocean Heights -

Ocean Heights is a tower of 82 floors inserted in one of the most beautiful and prestigious Dubai Marina opposite the new building called "The Palm Jumeirah." Imagine you have one of the 680 apartments facing the sea in this exceptional design with the spiral seeking heaven. 

A luxury, high level for demanding customers who want a stylish abode and unparalleled views from all sides due to the large balconies of each unit. 

The structure property is located in Dubai's most exclusive residence where the jet society. A place to relax and quality of life meet every day. 

Ocean Heights is the choice for those seeking an apartment high appreciation over time and a good income from rent. A choice of investment among the best in the city of Dubai. 

A choice of investment and quality of living unique

Description of services and facilities 

If someone tries details in the structure of the external tower will find a still more astonishing care and elegance in its interior. Every corner and every part of town Ocean Heights have been designed with a very refined. when you close your door and windows, do not let the beauty just outside ... It 's all around you in a place that you love define "your" home! 

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea dell'azzurro by one of more than 600 luxury apartments in Ocean Heights, the latest creation of luxury real estate DAMAC Properties. 

This 82-storey structure is strategically located at Dubai Marina with easy access to nearby luxury hotel of the Jumeirah Beach including the Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in the world, shops, private beach club beach clubs, golf courses and other leisure facilities such as the Wild Wadi Water Park. 

There, customers can still buy some apartments because the popular demand and success of this real estate project of 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. 

Ocean Heights is one of the most exclusive front built in Dubai. 

Your choice of exclusivity, design, safety, and profitability.

 Completion: December


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Dubai Marina